Cennest’s entry into the world of AI and Machine Learning!

Cennest was started with the vision of making a niche company working on cutting edge technologies and doing “fun” work. Projects which would make everyone want to come to work, projects which would leave us feeling challenged and fulfilled. From our roots as a .NET shop, we  quickly moved into Mobile world, getting involved in native […]

Angular2 Focusout event not working in Firefox

In a recent project using Angular 2, we got a request to create a customized autocomplete text box which could search, filter and create data based on user’s selection. Angular 2 being relatively new, we referenced the official Angular2 site (https://angular.io/) extensively to implement the functionality. However when we started testing across browsers, we found […]

Using the Azure Support Portal to diagnose a CPU Spike!

In one of our recent projects we had alerts set up for CPU and memory spikes. The CPU alert was set at 10% and 50%. While we got the 10% alert periodically when the app was in active usage , we also got a few 50% alerts once in a while which would get resolved […]

How we almost killed our Azure Deployment by diagnosing it!

We recently learnt a lot of new lessons in Azure Websites deployments and diagnostics and will plan to write a set of blogs to hopefully help some fellow programmers but this one lesson is most important to remember before you even start diagnosing! Recently while checking the health of one of our production deployments we […]

Error while hosting Node+socket.io chat room on Azure

One of our recent projects involve a scalable mult-chatroom service. Deciding to go the route of Node+socket.io for scalable and performance oriented service we started with the official socket.io tutorial at (http://socket.io/get-started/chat/). That worked wonderfully . As the next step we went ahead and hosted it on Azure! Here is what the socket told us! […]

Creating a Resolution Independent Metro App with the ViewBox!

Recently, while working on a Windows Metro App, we faced some issues with Adaptive Layout. The requirement was that our app should support all resolutions (Minimum:-1024*768, Maximum:- 2560*1440)and maintain aspect ratios when it came to images. We solved the issue using a ViewBox but had to learn a few tricks about the Viewbox first! This […]