Migrating ASP.Net MVC 1 to ASP.Net MVC 2

With release of ASP.NET MVC 2, are you planning to migrate your ASP.Net MVC 1 applications. Here are few links which would help you to migrate

  • Eilon Lipton has created migration tool for migrating ASP.NET MVC 1 solutions to ASP.Net MVC 2 solution over here
  • To manually upgrade project  one can find instructions at www.asp.net over here

This will help you to migrate solution, but it would not leverage features of ASP.Net MVC 2. For that you will need to manually change your code.

Also after using this tool or instruction, it would be required to check if solution is able to build successfully and if building it with ASP.Net MVC 2 has lead to any logical bugs, since there are couple of breaking changes introduced in ASP.Net MVC 2

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