Location Based Applications in Silverlight Using Bing Maps!

Going to the headquarters of Microsoft..Redmond is every developers dream…so the first time i happened to go there i was truly overjoyed!!. I tried my best to describe the entire town to my family and friends but pictures were never enough…and then came in Bing Maps…now they can virtually (pun intended:-)) walk the streets of Redmond with me…

Microsoft recently also released BingMap Control for Silverlight!…so now you can make your applications super jazzy by plugging in these controls and even making use of Bing Web Services for advanced features like Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding… I tried my hands on the BingMapSDK and was delighted to find it fairly explanatory(with some help from blogs as well…).

Trying out the basics i decided to try out the following.

1. Adding Pushpins

2. Reverse Geocoding

3. Adding Polygon

4.Adding a Polyline..

Here are some screenshots of my application


I Zeroed in on Redmond/Bellevue using the following settings

Mode=”AerialWithLabels”  Center=”47.6126490988388,-122.205053960122″ ZoomLevel=”14″

Added code to add a pushpin on mouse click and reverse geocode the address..


Mark different areas using a Polyline


Mark a region using a Polygon


There is no end to the possibilities which come with these new controls and features…It will definitely be interesting to see how people use this  new level of information;-)

If you are looking to exploit some of these potentials…get in touch and we can do it together!

Till Then!!


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