Exploring the limits of Azure Scalability!

While working on a recent Azure project we wanted to know the “limits” of scalability our app will hit eventually( There is nothing called Infinite scalability …) . Now there is a default limit to everything on Azure and then there is the “enhanced limit” which you can enjoy if you open a ticket with Microsoft Customer Support

After a bit of exploring and we finally came across the following

Resource Default Limit Maximum Limit
Cores per subscription1 20 10,000
Storage accounts per subscription 20 50
Cloud services per subscription ( This is directly related to Cores per subscription. 1 core= 1 small instance) 20 10,000
Web/worker roles per deployment1 25 25

Virtual networks per subscription2

10 100

More details about other Azure services and their limits can be found here

Work with us to create an optimum, scaled and performant Azure application and lets scale these levels of Azure together!

Team Cennest!

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