A Web App to improve your Azure Machine Learning Experience!

As soon as we created our first Azure ML experiment we were eager to share it with other team mates and get their views…and we hit our first hurdle..there was no way to share the published experiment with others unless we quickly created a console app and copy paste the code that Azure has provided to us! But then the CEO was working on a MAC and didn’t have .NET so the console app won’t work will it?

We quickly whipped up a web view to the Azure ML experiment and we found it so useful we decided anyone working on an Azure Experiment and wanting to quickly share it/access from outside ML Studio should find it useful also. So here it is


Post your URL/key/ parameters and hit post to get the response.


We also created a Sample Tab to show how we are expecting the parameters.


Currently we don’t store any data so you need to know your key and url everytime. If you find this useful and have ideas on how it can become more useful let us know and we will get it done!!

Team Cennest!

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