Cennest’s entry into the world of AI and Machine Learning!

Cennest was started with the vision of making a niche company working on cutting edge technologies and doing “fun” work. Projects which would make everyone want to come to work, projects which would leave us feeling challenged and fulfilled.

From our roots as a .NET shop, we  quickly moved into Mobile world, getting involved in native programming in Android & iOS and cross platform tools like Xamarin. We realised the power of JavaScripting and the wonderful libraries which make the Web a better place – d3, angular2, node, Progressive Web Apps etc. We worked on new backend paradigms like MongoDB, Redis Cache, Flat files, Elastic search etc and all this has been keeping us happily engaged!

A few months back, I commenced the  First Self Driving Car program in the industry:- A Nanodegree program by Udacity in our efforts to absorb the world of AI and Machine Learning. This was in parallel to other team members starting work in other AI programs. After all, Cennest promises to stay on top of tech trends which help solve business problems!

Over the next 3 months the team backed me to ensure I had time to study for this program:- additional study hours, projects to be submitted and timelines to be met to meet the program requirements!

It was not easy and I must say had it not been for the team supporting me I would have never been able to meet my deadlines. I have now  completed term-1 of the program on time


Over the next few blogs, I plan to pen down a little bit of what I learnt which should also hopefully serve as revision before I start term-2!

I write this precursor to the upcoming blogs and to thank my team for being so awesome.

To all our customers, we are keeping our promise of leading you to better and smarter way of doing things…


Co-founder Cennest Technologies

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