ML Series – #4:- Our Learning Path for Python!

Now that we are done with the basics of Machine Learning, what it is, how many types , why is data oh-so important ,its time to get our hands dirty!! When it comes to programming there really is no other way to learn other than …by…codingSmile

We were quite new to the world Python when we started although we are quite experienced in many other technologies so we were not looking for a beginners course . Below is the “Learning Path” we created in Cennest for all our internal employees wanting to get started with ML using Python

Setting up the Environment

We can install Python directly and then install all other required libraries ( as and when needed ) using “pip” or you can use “Anaconda” which is a package management system for Python which will preinstall most frequently used libraries to begin with.

We found the instructions at–required-libraries quite consolidated  wrt going via Anaconda as well as using “pip”.( We also love the book)

Getting Started with Code

(Please note that we are experienced programmers so we were not looking for “getting started kind of courses”)

After this…Code, Code and Code to simply become better Smile

Next in line:- Load up and analyze your data!!

Until Next Time

Team Cennest!


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