Introducing the Cognitive API Integrator


We are launching the Cognitive API Integrator today for developers, Engineering Managers, CIOs or anyone who needs to choose a Cognitive Service provider to build out a business service. Our Cognitive API Integrator aggregates cognitive services across major providers (currently Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud) and provides all the results against a single API call. A comparative view of the results at a single place will help choose which provider for each Cognitive Service makes maximum sense for their domain. Our APIs currently do not add or modify the response given by the cloud providers.

We are hoping that the community can join hands with us on this to help improve this service. Do scroll down at the bottom to see few of the ways in which we can work on this to improve it for the overall community.

Expected Audience

  1. As we continue to integrate with more providers and API, people who need to choose a cognitive API (like developers, Engineering Managers, Small Business Owners etc.) can use this tool to check each provider’s response for their data and then choose an API provider for further integration.

Example:The image below shows the Image analysis response of Azure, AWS and Google Cloud for the same image. Based on the responses, the choice on the most appropriate response for their domain can be made.


2. In the “Findings” page, one can also look at the inferences that the community has drawn so far to help them validate their choice.

Example: In the image below, the current findings for the same Image Analysis API across multiple images as found by the community is given.



Looking for support from the community

In our next post, we will outline our plans for the medium term and given enough support from the community, how we can together evolve this for the long term.

For now, here is how you can help

  • Please play with the app. Go through the inferences we have made so far in the findings section.
  • If you see a pattern with a specific provider/API send us your inferences so we can validate them and put them up on our findings page.
  • Provide your feedback on the feedback page or email us at
  • If you know someone who can use this tool or give us relevant feedback please promote Smile

Lets get Cognitive!

Click Here to access the Cognitive API Integrator

Team Cennest!

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