Error while hosting chat room on Azure

One of our recent projects involve a scalable mult-chatroom service. Deciding to go the route of for scalable and performance oriented service we started with the official tutorial at ( That worked wonderfully . As the next step we went ahead and hosted it on Azure! Here is what the socket told us! […]

Creating a Resolution Independent Metro App with the ViewBox!

Recently, while working on a Windows Metro App, we faced some issues with Adaptive Layout. The requirement was that our app should support all resolutions (Minimum:-1024*768, Maximum:- 2560*1440)and maintain aspect ratios when it came to images. We solved the issue using a ViewBox but had to learn a few tricks about the Viewbox first! This […]

Localization and WhiteLabelling:- Database or Resx??

We got some queries on our recent blog on with suggestions on using the database to store the localized strings files rather than the default resx approach. We pondered over it, then pondered some more and came to the following conclusion… Problem Statement The challenge we are tackling here is of white labeling and not […]

Multitenancy and extensive Whitelabelling on the UI

  When we think cloud we inherently think Multi-tenant but things can get complicated when the level of white-labelling on the UI is extensive! Layout changes are typically handled by css but if the customer wants to control what every label and textbox is called then we have a problem at hand! We recently suggested […]

Optimizing Performance and Memory in iOS Apps (Part 2)

We’ve already been through optimizations in SQLite, NSLog and NSCache. Now we talk about careful use of NSNotifications, Auto-release and the power of GCD! Be careful with Notifications 1. Notifications are received on the same queue on which they are fired. So be careful about firing notifications on the Main queue since the receiver will […]