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Improving WPF/Silverlight- WCF Communication!

While working on a recent assignment related to establishing and optimizing duplex communication with Silverlight and WCF,we learnt quite a lot of new concepts like HttpPollingDuplex binding  with multiple messages mode Http Long Polling designs etc. While most of these concepts were new we did get a bulb flash on how to improve basic WPF/Silverlight […]

Monetize your Silverlight Videos!!

Silverlight streaming seems to have caught the fancy of many and a lot of sites are now streaming Silverlight videos.. however very few are making money from doing so!!.. Recently came across an Open Source Silverlight Media player called OpenVideoPlayer which lets you do just that!!.. Dynamically Insert ads into your media files with configurations […]

Silverlight:- Browsing without a Browser??

Wanna navigate to Google.com from your Silverlight application?? Just put the following code HtmlPage.Window.Navigate(new Uri(“http://www.google.co.in/”) We all know THAT…so what’s this blog all about??.Now lets take this application Out of Browser This is what you will get.. WHY???:- Because there’s no browser when running out of browser, so you can’t use the DOM and Scripting.Html […]

Bulb Flash: Foreign key objects from WCF service not propagated to Silverlight client!

Consider the case :- WCF uses LINQ to SQL to connect to a DB with extensive foreign key relationships. You set Serialization Mode= Unidirectional to ensure all the relationships and DB objects can be propagated to the client as datacontracts Silverlight client connects to the WCF service. In many of the cases(i could not come […]